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I now provide clinical consultation specifically on the topic of enhancing counselor collaborative in healthcare. This is a topic I have become passionate about through my various roles as a counselor, healthcare marketing, and doctoral research. Topics covered include:

  • Consultation v Collaboration 
  • Collaborative care models
  • Cultural competence in collaboration
  • What differentiates counselors from other mental health professionals
  • Specialties for counselors in healthcare to consider
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I began my career as an LPC performing mental health evaluations in a psychiatric hospital and ERs consulting with psychiatrists & ER doctors.  As a business development/account manager for an Atlanta psychiatric hospital for over 10 years developing relationships in the mental health community I learned the importance of collaboration with other healthcare professionals. While in private practice I began consulting with area physicians and spent two years researching counselors’ collaboration efforts with primary care. Whether you are a new mental health professional wanting to learn how to be an effective clinician in healthcare or a seasoned professional looking to move your practice into integrated healthcare I would love to talk more about how to help you.