My Birth Story

July 6, 2023

I love that in addition to Mother’s Day, May has become a month of acknowledging the many ways that motherhood affects our mental health and adjustment to motherhood.

I only knew this journey vicariously through friends, and of course clients. Once my husband and I decided to start our family I experienced my own journey, having two miscarriages before our daughter. In 2016 I experienced birth trauma & postpartum anxiety due to preeclampsia (increased blood pressure in pregnancy), delivering my daughter by c-section at 28 weeks, born at 1lb 11ounces & she spent 2 1/2 months in NICU. During her NICU stay we also learned she had Albinism, unsure of how her vision would be impacted & in addition to the early intervention needed for micro-preemies.

At my 6month appointment my obgyn admitted me due to preeclampsia (increased blood pressure due to pregnancy). After 5 days of trying to bring my blood pressure the decision was made to deliver my daughter by c-section at 28 weeks. It definitely was not the birth experience I planned for. I was hospitalized for another 11 days to ensure I was out of risk of complications due to preeclampsia.

My daughter was born at 1lb 11ounces & spent 2 1/2 months in NICU.

I believe that because such so much of the first year of her life was focused on her health and development that I did not I develop postpartum anxiety until almost a year and a half after.

Almost 7 years later we’re all thriving now, but it was NOT easy. Over the last 6 years I had to go through the same process that many of my clients have done and are doing.

I now provide counseling to primarily women who have experienced a variety of traumatic experiences before and after pregnancy & motherhood. I specialize in attachment, trauma, & the affect on her relationship with herself & others, especially her child/children. I completed a variety of trainings in Black Maternal Mental Health & advanced training through Postpartum Support International .

I look forward collaborating with more OBGYNs & pediatricians about how to best mentally prepare expectant & new mothers before & after motherhood.

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