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TLC: Therapeutic Lifestyle Change Sessions

Single session therapy is based on research that many clients report significant improvement after only one counseling session. These sessions are more ‘solution focused’, meaning that there is much less focus on the past and resolution of childhood or traumatic experiences, but a well defined problem, goal, & potential solutions. 

What is TLC Single Session Therapy?

After doing some research on the concept of wellness for my doctoral dissertation I discovered  what is called in the counseling research as 'therapeutic lifestyle changes', which are (the effect of factors such as exercise, healthy diet, relationships, interests, spirituality) on ones mental health & wellness

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This could be for you:

  • Former clients or those already familiar with the counseling process and possibly need a refresher or booster to build upon past skills learned and add new ones to your repertoire. 
  • Not currently experiencing an active episode of anxiety, depression, or any other serious mental health issue.
  • Seeking personal growth, have a well defined problem & goal, & determine your issue can likely be resolved in a short period of time, ideally one session.
  • Consider yourself to be a self-starter and currently have the time and motivation to apply the skills taught on your own.