Employee Assistance (EAP)

Many medium- to large-sized workplaces have EAPs. These programs provide a designated number of confidential counseling sessions for individual employees and their household members who have personal difficulties, such as mental health, substance abuse, health, work, or family/relationship problems that impact their ability to function.

Contact your HR department for instructions on how to access your sessions and find out if I am a provider for your EAP plan. Currently, I am in the process of de-paneling from several EAP plans. I am still a provider for Lyra Health & EAPs connected to your health insurance plan. 

EAP Workshops & Training 

Many HR Departments use EAP as a resource for employee workshops and assistance for managers to address problems that may impact their work and the overall welfare of employees in the workplace.

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Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) is a short term crisis management process that EAP’s utilize when a work-related crisis has occurred on site or an incident impacting their employees. This service is available upon request and dependent upon availability.