Counselor Collaboration

For fully licensed mental health professionals, this is a specialty consultation and practice building service.

Enhancing Counselor Collaboration in Healthcare

Many counselors & mental health professionals receive their first jobs & training in healthcare environments but most have not received education or formal training working alongside medical professionals. As counselors we often learn informally from other disciplines & not leveraging the training of the counseling profession. As integrated healthcare becomes more the standard, counselors who are better equipped to collaborate with other healthcare providers & ultimately better serve their clients.

If you are still under supervision or newly licensed, work in a healthcare setting or considering collaborating with physicians & other healthcare specialties consider an introductory consultation session, customized consultation package, or continuing education opportunity when offered via webinar or live.

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Topics Include:

  • Consultation v Collaboration
  • Collaborative care models
  • Cultural competence in collaboration
  • What differentiates counselors from other mental health professionals
  • Specialties for counselors in healthcare to consider