TLC Counseling & Consulting Services LLC

Promoting Insight and Understanding

Consulting Services

TLC collaborates with and educates other mental health and healthcare professionals that are integral in the lives of clients. These professionals include primary care physicians, employers, and social service providers.

I began my career as an LPC performing mental health evaluations in a psychiatric hospital and ERs consulting with psychiatrists & ER doctors.  I have also been a business development/account manager for an Atlanta psychiatric hospital for over 10 years developing relationships in the mental health community & learning the importance of collaboration with other healthcare professionals. While in private practice I began consulting with area physicians in the mental health treatment of their patients which led to my two year dissertation research study, consisting of interviews with counselors of color re: their experiences collaborating with physicians.

I also discovered my love for education.  I have been a continuing education coordinator because I understand the importance of mental health professionals & others to learn the latest developments in our field. Whether providing presentations to other mental health professionals, delivering EAP workplace training, teaching at the university level, or providing supervision to new counselors, I am dedicated to educating others about mental health and wellness. These services are provided upon request and individually tailored to your need: