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What is DBT & is it for Black Women?

Trauma is one of the main issues I specialize in & I implement many of Marsha Linehan’s (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) DBT interventions (Barlow, 2001; Neacsiu et al., 2012). This therapy integrates concepts from different counseling theories and has very specific behavioral techniques to address the severe emotional responses related to past trauma and relationship/attachment issues.…

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Being a ‘Strong Black Woman’ & Our pain

The mind and body are connected right, so here I am talking about our physical health and medical treatment. Increasingly in social media articles & videos we have seen more about the experiences of Black women and our health. Celebrities such as Serena Williams & Beyoncéshared their traumatic childbirth experiences. As a result there has…

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More than dropping off cards

When it comes to receiving business from physician offices so often I hear counselors & other mental health professionals say, ‘I dropped off my cards, my flyers, and mailed a letter to my local area doctors but I haven’t received any referrals’, & most likely you will not. Physician offices are inundated with all types…

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Part of the team: Strategies to improve counselor collaboration in healthcare settings

When I first began my career as a counselor my official title was ‘assessment and referral counselor’. I was conducting assessments in a psychiatric hospital and local hospital emergency rooms. I was routinely consulting with psychiatrists and ER physicians regarding the best level of care for behavioral health patients in crisis. Initially intimidating I learned…

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What Should I Expect From Counseling?

Welcome to TLC Counseling & Consulting Services LLC! Congratulations on making this very important step in your life! I do not take this decision lightly. In this packet, you will find some helpful information as you begin this journey. I may have already covered some of this information during your initial assessment but below is…

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How counseling African Americans is different

There are a few essentials to achieving success in counseling with African American clientele. Below are some keys to counseling African-Americans most effectively: 1) Be solution-focused. It’s important that counselors are solution-focused when it comes to counseling African-Americans. In my recent dissertation research with African American counselors, some of the most significant factors were overcoming…

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