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What is DBT & is it for Black Women?

Trauma is one of the main issues I specialize in & I implement many of Marsha Linehan’s (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) DBT interventions (Barlow, 2001; Neacsiu et al., 2012). This therapy integrates concepts from different counseling theories and has very specific behavioral techniques to address the severe emotional responses related to past trauma and relationship/attachment issues.…
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Being a ‘Strong Black Woman’ & Our pain

The mind and body are connected right, so here I am talking about our physical health and medical treatment. Increasingly in social media articles & videos we have seen more about the experiences of Black women and our health. Celebrities such as Serena Williams & Beyoncéshared their traumatic childbirth experiences. As a result there has…
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More than dropping off cards

When it comes to receiving business from physician offices so often I hear counselors & other mental health professionals say, ‘I dropped off my cards, my flyers, and mailed a letter to my local area doctors but I haven’t received any referrals’, & most likely you will not. Physician offices are inundated with all types…
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Part of the team: Strategies to improve counselor collaboration in healthcare settings

When I first began my career as a counselor my official title was ‘assessment and referral counselor’. I was conducting assessments in a psychiatric hospital and local hospital emergency rooms. I was routinely consulting with psychiatrists and ER physicians regarding the best level of care for behavioral health patients in crisis. Initially intimidating I learned…
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How unresolved complex trauma affects your current situation

You are likely thinking that if you experienced trauma you would know it right? Some people are familiar with PTSD, also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many people think of PTSD related to a single significant event that happens in one’s life, such as being a combat veteran in a war, being a victim of…
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What Should I Expect From Counseling?

Welcome to TLC Counseling & Consulting Services LLC! Congratulations on making this very important step in your life! I do not take this decision lightly. In this packet, you will find some helpful information as you begin this journey. I may have already covered some of this information during your initial assessment but below is…
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