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How unresolved complex trauma affects your current situation

You are likely thinking that if you experienced trauma you would know it right? Some people are familiar with PTSD, also known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Many people think of PTSD related to a single significant event that happens in one’s life, such as being a combat veteran in a war, being a victim of…
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What Should I Expect From Counseling?

Welcome to TLC Counseling & Consulting Services LLC! Congratulations on making this very important step in your life! I do not take this decision lightly. In this packet, you will find some helpful information as you begin this journey. I may have already covered some of this information during your initial assessment but below is…
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How counseling African Americans is different

There are a few essentials to achieving success in counseling with African American clientele. Below are some keys to counseling African-Americans most effectively: 1) Be solution-focused. It’s important that counselors are solution-focused when it comes to counseling African-Americans. In my recent dissertation research with African American counselors, some of the most significant factors were overcoming…
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