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Tashika L Holloway, EdD, LPC, CPCS, CCTP

Licensed Professional Counselor & Trauma Specialist

Trauma-Informed Counseling by Telehealth in Atlanta, Georgia

As women of color (WOC) & Black women we are often the backbone of our families, workplace, and communities, but what happens when you can no longer keep up? My passion is helping women of color begin the journey of healing from past trauma and move toward wholeness and wellness in their lives.  From the outside, people think you have it all together and usually you can handle your problems. However, have you:
  • Success in most areas of life, but making the same mistakes in relationships?
  • Trying to be perfect & please everyone, but your own needs are often unmet?
  • Feeling stuck, but also worried about making the ‘right’ decisions to change?
  • Feel a disconnection between the life you have and the one you want?
  • Tried self-help & maybe even counseling, learned tools & skills, but still seeking deeper change to address the root of your concerns?

You can be strong and seek help at the same time.

At TLC, my mission is helping women of color & Black women move from “Wholeness to Wellness.” Use your strength to:

  • Show up for yourself first as you do for others
  • Allow yourself to be imperfect and be your authentic & genuine self
  • Tap into your resilience to overcome life's challenges

I look forward to talking to you about how to help you make positive changes in your life. An initial assessment can help evaluate your concerns thoroughly and receive recommendations.


My Specialties

Browse my website to learn more or contact me here to schedule your initial appointment and answer some of your initial questions about starting counseling.